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Hotels – A Disney-tastic new opportunity…

Hotels – A Disney-tastic new opportunity…

As usual, as providers of own label bottled water for hotels, here at AQ Bottled Water we’ve been keeping an eye on potentail developements for the industry.

And this week, there’s been a big one! Did you spot this story about the proposed ‘British Disneyland’, set to be finished in North Kent as soon as 2021? The internet was awash with discussion, with people all over social media and news sites speculating about what the new site could involve. Exciting though the project’s proposed Adventure Isle, Port Bay and Legends Castle would be, we’re more interested in the potential for opportunity.

The …

Good news for the environment, bad news for brands

Good news for the environment, bad news for brands

Here at AQ we know our polyethylene terephthalate. This week, legislation was introduced to England which ruled that from now on, shoppers would be charged 5p per plastic shopping bag.

Generally hailed as being a bit of a nuisance but good news for the environment, we couldn’t help but stop to consider the impact on brands. Whether your business is large or small, giving your customers a carrier bag with your name on is a great way to promote your brand. Your brand, in your customer’s hand, as we often say here.

But no bags, or at least with far fewer around, …

Your brand, in your customer’s hand!

Your brand, in your customer’s hand!

During last week’s London tube strikes, the free newspaper, Metro, gave out free own-label, personalised water bottles to thirsty travellers.

Personalised water bottles are a great way of keeping your brand at the forefront of peoples’ minds. And in this recent heatwave, who doesn’t want a free drink of water?

It’s worth remembering, too, that lots of us re-use our water bottles these days, taking them to the gym and to work with us.

So don’t delay, get in touch with us and we’ll help you put your brand into your customer’s hand!

Instructions for a heatwave… if you’re a brand

Instructions for a heatwave… if you’re a brand

Drinking your personalised bottled water may have been one way to keep cool during last week’s heatwave, and the hottest day of the year so far, but lots of brands were quick to jump on the #hottestdayoftheyear hashtag with their own ideas.

Here are a few of our favourite quick-off-the-mark marketing campaigns from brands last week:

A typically witty offering from Aldi’s marketing team:

We haven’t moved all day… #hottestdayoftheyear pic.twitter.com/CmOQfhLXZ5

— Aldi Stores UK (@AldiUK) July 1, 2015

Simple, but effective from the BBC here:

On the #hottestdayoftheyear, we want to be cool… pic.twitter.com/YobqRhY1PG

— BBC One (@BBCOne) July 1, 2015

This image …

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