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Surprise! Hotels should go the extra mile.

Surprise! Hotels should go the extra mile.

At AQ Bottled Water, as leading suppliers of bespoke, ownl label bottled water to the hotel trade, we’re serious about making sure our clients really have the edge in making their guests feel special.

So, naturally this article from USA Today caught our eye. It seems that more and more hotels are focusing on checkout gifts, aiming to surprise their guests at the end of their stay, ensuring that they have happy memories as they leave. Some are offering cookies or wine, some a free return stay, even customised flip-flops.

With more and more businesses concentrating on these extra touches, there’s really …

Blue Monday? Let’s make it Holiday Monday

Blue Monday? Let’s make it Holiday Monday

As you may know, today is Blue Monday, ‘scientifically’ shown to be the most depressing day of the year. As the festive season fades into the depths of memory, job dissatisfaction resurfaces and we all fall off whatever wagon our New Years Resolutions have dictated we should be on, today we’re all bound to feel a bit down in the dumps.

But there’s an antidote to that. With the vitamin D deficiency most of us are suffering during the Winter months only adding to the misery, today is also likely to be a day when we’ll start to daydream about warmer …

New Year, New Business

New Year, New Business

Firstly, a Happy New Year from all of us branding bods here at AQ Bottled Water! We hope you enjoyed the festive season and aren’t too unhappy to be back at work today.

As you probably know, this time of year is the time most people consider leaving their jobs and doing something completely different – usually involving moving to a much more appealing climate! But what if you’ve actually got a genuinely good idea?

With New Year’s Resolutions fresh in your mind, and the sense of renewal that this time of year can create (once you’ve got over the shock of …

Individuality for sale

Here at AQ Bottled Water, bespoke is what we do. We design personalised labels which suit your brand and look great on a water bottle. But it seems we’re not the only ones focusing on individuality just at the moment.

With the launch of the new Not On The High Street Christmas advert (more on Christmas adverts next week) over the last few days, not to mention the numerous catalogues, plus the quirky telescope gift in this year’s John Lewis ad, it seems that individuality is the thing this shopping season.

Indviduality and bespoke branding

We’re not suggesting that you give …

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