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Spooktacular Halloween Marketing

Spooktacular Halloween Marketing

As purveyors of bespoke, own label branding solutions, we always like to keep an eye on big brand marketing ideas. This week, what else could we look at but Halloween themed content?

In no particular order, here are three of our favourites this year!

1. Tesco’s Spookermarket campaign, plus follow-up recipe videos. Fun, silly and on-brand, this campaign had it all.

2. Burger King’s Halloween Burger. Such a distinctive burger design, simple, but memorable.

3. Starbuck’s Vampire Frappuccino. Equal parts campaign and special edition product, caffeine drinking Halloween fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on this seasonal treat – see the photo at …

How to brand-hijack a holiday in 5 easy steps

How to brand-hijack a holiday in 5 easy steps

Happy Halloween everyone! You may have noticed that the spooky holiday has rolled around again. But have you noticed different brands’ reaction to it?

During a special event or well-loved holiday, all businesses and brands want in on the action, including none other than Doctor Who, it seems. We spotted this great “#Wholloween” campaign from the BBC, and thought we’d use it to break down how exactly a “holiday hi-jack” is done, in our (almost) foolproof Five Easy Steps.

Check out the campaign itself here, here and here.

Here are those steps, as we see them:

Step 1. Already be an internationally recognised and …

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