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Don’t leave your guests guessing – bottled water for the hotel industry

Don’t leave your guests guessing – bottled water for the hotel industry

Here at AQ Bottled Water, we don’t need to be told twice about how useful branded bottled water can be for your business. But in this week’s blog post, we want to specifically look at how bottled water could be useful for the hotel industry.

Many hotels these days provide a whole host of branded items for their guests, from shampoo, to showercaps to dressing gowns. These look great, and certainly all help with branding. There’s one problem with this, however. Most of these items (in the majority of cases at least!) stay in the hotel room.

This means that your carefully …

How to make the most of festival marketing

How to make the most of festival marketing

With Glastonbury still in our minds, Latitude this weekend and many more ahead of us – the season of festival is officially here! As personalised bottled water providers, were always keeping an eye on new marketing opportunities for us and our clients – and festivals are no exception.

As the festival landscape has changed and developed, becoming more and more niche, as Tim Walsh, strategist at RPM says: “it is no longer enough just to show up.”

In order to tap in to the experience company, brands have to engage with potential customers, be in the moment, leave ‘sales mode’ at the …

Your brand, in your customer’s hand!

Your brand, in your customer’s hand!

During last week’s London tube strikes, the free newspaper, Metro, gave out free own-label, personalised water bottles to thirsty travellers.

Personalised water bottles are a great way of keeping your brand at the forefront of peoples’ minds. And in this recent heatwave, who doesn’t want a free drink of water?

It’s worth remembering, too, that lots of us re-use our water bottles these days, taking them to the gym and to work with us.

So don’t delay, get in touch with us and we’ll help you put your brand into your customer’s hand!

Instructions for a heatwave… if you’re a brand

Instructions for a heatwave… if you’re a brand

Drinking your personalised bottled water may have been one way to keep cool during last week’s heatwave, and the hottest day of the year so far, but lots of brands were quick to jump on the #hottestdayoftheyear hashtag with their own ideas.

Here are a few of our favourite quick-off-the-mark marketing campaigns from brands last week:

A typically witty offering from Aldi’s marketing team:

We haven’t moved all day… #hottestdayoftheyear

— Aldi Stores UK (@AldiUK) July 1, 2015

Simple, but effective from the BBC here:

On the #hottestdayoftheyear, we want to be cool…

— BBC One (@BBCOne) July 1, 2015

This image …

Pick of the week… design

Pick of the week… design

Whilst we’re known as suppliers of own label, branded and personalised bottled water, it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate other great designs and packaging – whether they’re on a water bottle or not!

So, with that in mind, here’s our first design ‘pick of the week’.

We love this churros packet with a built in chocolate sauce container! What do you think?

Source: Buzzfeed

You can find us on Pinterest here for more of our favourite packaging, design and much more!

A rogue tweet and a social media storm

A rogue tweet and a social media storm

Whatever our business provides, be it dog supplies, stickers, or water bottles there are certain things we have to prepare for – no matter how likely to happen they may or may not be!

This week, the BBC found themselves at the centre of a social media storm during a rehearsal for how they would conduct themselves in the event of the Queen’s death, as a supposed ‘rogue tweet’ from a confused journalist not involved in the practise run was seen and reported as fact around the world.

It has emerged that rehearsals for such major events are commonplace amongst broadcasters, with …

A re-brand can make all the difference…

A re-brand can make all the difference…

As suppliers of own label, branded bottled water, we know that branding is important.

Ryanair, a brand which by its own admission has been unpopular in the past, recently made business news headlines with its impressive 66% rise in sales figures.

And seemingly, it’s all been down to a good old fashioned re-brand. Relaxing some of their rules and improving the customer experience through their aptly named ‘Always Getting Better’ Programme, the budget airline has attracted millions of new customers.

The Guardian go into more detail here. It’s an interesting read and well worth a look.

So what does this Ryanair re-brand tell …

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