We’ve All Gone Cyber this Monday

We’ve All Gone Cyber this Monday

As many of the bespoke branding solutions our water bottles provide are for clients in the retail sector, it’s important for us to keep an eye on shopping trends and news.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s impossible not to notice that today is what’s known as Cyber Monday. For the past couple of years, in a relatively new tradition we Brits have adopted from our American cousins, Cyber Monday, a day of digital discount sales, has followed Black Friday – a major shopping sale day in stores nationwide.

This year, however, retail analysts have noted a marked change. The shops which last year were filled with customers fighting tooth and nail to get the best bargains, were empty. Part of this was due to shops trying to dial down the hysteria, choosing not to ramp up their midnight openings and huge queues, but another part of it was due to a decision by shoppers themselves. And that decision was to go online.

No doubt put off by the chaos in the aisles on Black Friday last year, statistics (not to mention the empty shops) showed that customers preferred to browse online rather than visit the stores in person.

What’s the lesson here? Well, as digital developments continue to have a major impact on the way our customers shop, standing out from the crowd is becoming more and more important. We’ve talked about this before, looking at the rise of Not On The High Street.com, but, to us, this increased need for individuality points only one way – to bespoke branding.

Which makes now the perfect time to get in touch, and see how your own label bottled water could help you stand out from your competitors, and stick in your customer’s mind.

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