Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets

When we produce our bespoke, own label bottled water for our clients, we often have a pretty good idea of the sort of business promotion scenarios they’ll be very useful in.

And one such scenario is definitely trade shows. From photography, to education, to home security, via cakes, there’s a huge number of trade shows coming up at NEC Birmingham.

But whatever your business, you need to find a way to stand out amongst the sheer volume of your competitors’ marketing materials. And with exhibition rooms frequently stuffy, and requiring visitors to remain in them for what is often really quite a long time, what better solution could there be than giving out own label bottled water?

Your brand will be promoted to potential customers, probably taken home or in the car, and so seen by people even outside of those in the exhibiton centre. And the person carrying the water bottle? Well, they’ve got a refreshing and convenient drink.

Everybody wins! Get in touch today to find out how your very own bespoke, own label bottled water from AQ could help you promote your business.

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