Surprise! Hotels should go the extra mile.

Surprise! Hotels should go the extra mile.

At AQ Bottled Water, as leading suppliers of bespoke, ownl label bottled water to the hotel trade, we’re serious about making sure our clients really have the edge in making their guests feel special.

So, naturally this article from USA Today caught our eye. It seems that more and more hotels are focusing on checkout gifts, aiming to surprise their guests at the end of their stay, ensuring that they have happy memories as they leave. Some are offering cookies or wine, some a free return stay, even customised flip-flops.

With more and more businesses concentrating on these extra touches, there’s really no better time to make sure that your rooms have that elusive X factor. This could be as simple as branded sleepwear which is theirs to keep (rather than surreptitiously hide in their case) or perhaps some own-label, bespoke bottled water to take away with them?

With AQ, you can even branch out into glass bottles or sparkling water, to really go that extra mile. So get in touch today for more information on how working with us could help create great memories for your guests, and repeat custom for you.

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