Make the most of your destination hotel

Make the most of your destination hotel

Here on the AQ Bottled Water blog, we often talk about bottled water provision for our hotel clients. We’ve looked at own label branding for holiday cottages, how to make sure your brand is seen at local destinations, and how to get involved with local opportunities.

But what about when your hotel IS the destination? What do you do then?

Earlier today The Telegraph printed a list of the best zoo hotels in the UK, with rooms looking out over the enclosures, and special zoo access included in the price. And you don’t have to look far on the we to find all sorts of hotels like this, from treehouses to castles – the accommodation isn’t just a means to an end here. In some cases, it’s the whole story.

So where does branding come into this? Branded bespoke water bottles are all well and good, you might say, but if your hotel is the destination, perhaps your customers won’t be carrying their water bottles around with them in the local area. What then? And this is where another key element of the branded water story comes into play. The souvenir. If your hotel is a destination in itself, your customers may well not feel the need to travel elsewhere whilst on the trip.

So what happens to the branded, bespoke bottled water you’ve carefully placed in the rooms?
With customers both wanting to remember their visit and keep it with them just a little longer, plus likely to be thirsty on the long journey home, your attractively designed, memorable water bottles are more than up to the job.

Keep your logo bright, attractive and prominent with the help of our design team, and many more people will spot it on the train, or when it gets re-used for the office on Monday morning.

No matter where your customers are going with their water, own label is the only way to go.

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