Luxury doesn’t have to mean chocolate

Luxury doesn’t have to mean chocolate

As leaders in the own label bottled water field, we know how perfect our products are for those in the hotel trade. And that’s not just because they’re a great way of promoting your business – it seems they’re a priority for customers, too.

This article in the Guardian last week, written from the perspective of a hotel guest, pointed out, rather pointedly in fact, that seasoned travellers are fed up of being treated like children. Citing the recent Sugar Tax, the author lists the sugary sweet, nostaglia driven products they’ve found in hotel rooms over the years.

And with bottled water almost always featuring in lists of guests’ most essential hotel room items, why not priortise hyrdration? Along with wi-fi and plenty of electrical sockets, it’s one thing not to forget when you’re setting up your rooms.

Make the smart choice, and make it own label.

A great idea for you, your customers, and your brand.

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