Individuality for sale

Individuality for sale

Here at AQ Bottled Water, bespoke is what we do. We design personalised labels which suit your brand and look great on a water bottle. But it seems we’re not the only ones focusing on individuality just at the moment.

With the launch of the new Not On The High Street Christmas advert (more on Christmas adverts next week) over the last few days, not to mention the numerous catalogues, plus the quirky telescope gift in this year’s John Lewis ad, it seems that individuality is the thing this shopping season.

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Indviduality and bespoke branding

We’re not suggesting that you give your family an own label water bottle for Christmas (although why not?!), but it’s certainly worth thinking about the role of bespoke branding in the market place, and how your business could fit into that. Why not ride the individuality wave and invest now in your bespoke bottled water?

Your brand will definitely stand out, and our expert designers will make sure you water bottles do, too.

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