How to make the most of festival marketing

How to make the most of festival marketing

With Glastonbury still in our minds, Latitude this weekend and many more ahead of us – the season of festival is officially here! As personalised bottled water providers, were always keeping an eye on new marketing opportunities for us and our clients – and festivals are no exception.

As the festival landscape has changed and developed, becoming more and more niche, as Tim Walsh, strategist at RPM says: “it is no longer enough just to show up.”

In order to tap in to the experience company, brands have to engage with potential customers, be in the moment, leave ‘sales mode’ at the office and, most of all, be creative and have some fun!

Remember, experiental marketing is, not surprisingly, about the customer experience. Why should they move away from the food stalls and stages and engage with your brand? What have you got to offer?

So don’t miss out on this key market, get involved and make the most of it!

Read Tim’s full article here:

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