How to brand-hijack a holiday in 5 easy steps

How to brand-hijack a holiday in 5 easy steps

Happy Halloween everyone! You may have noticed that the spooky holiday has rolled around again. But have you noticed different brands’ reaction to it?

During a special event or well-loved holiday, all businesses and brands want in on the action, including none other than Doctor Who, it seems. We spotted this great “#Wholloween” campaign from the BBC, and thought we’d use it to break down how exactly a “holiday hi-jack” is done, in our (almost) foolproof Five Easy Steps.

Check out the campaign itself here, here and here.

Here are those steps, as we see them:

Step 1. Already be an internationally recognised and well-loved brand.
Step 2. Play on something your consumers will instantly recognise, for example a recent quote or product.
Step 3. Give the campaign a catchy name, preferably one involving a pun.
Step 4. Have a variety interesting and dynamic Social Media content to deliver the forefront of the campaign.
Step 5. Post said content repeatedly in various combinations.

And then sit back and watch the Likes roll in!

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