Don’t Miss The Brandwagon

Don’t Miss The Brandwagon

Here at AQ Bottled Water, when we’re not busy producing bespoke own label bottles for our clients, we like to stop to think about market trends, and the importance of good branding.

This month, we’ve been thinking about #Shakespeare400 – the year ofevents surrounding the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death on 23rd April. To add our commemorations to the mix, we’re looking for Shakespeare themed hotels to promote on Twitter. If you run one, or you’ve been to one – do let us know!

The message here for all businesses, however, is that it’s always good to look outside the immediacy of your own industry, to see what others are talking about. And then you, and your brand, can join in.

Plus, if you’re a hotel, you could even offer to host events for them – whilst giving out your bespoke, own label bottled water to promote your business at the same time, of course.

We’ll see you in the conversation!

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