Don’t leave your guests guessing – bottled water for the hotel industry

Don’t leave your guests guessing – bottled water for the hotel industry

Here at AQ Bottled Water, we don’t need to be told twice about how useful branded bottled water can be for your business. But in this week’s blog post, we want to specifically look at how bottled water could be useful for the hotel industry.

Many hotels these days provide a whole host of branded items for their guests, from shampoo, to showercaps to dressing gowns. These look great, and certainly all help with branding. There’s one problem with this, however. Most of these items (in the majority of cases at least!) stay in the hotel room.

This means that your carefully orchestrated branding stays in the hotel room, too. But with one simple change to your strategy, namely offering guests your own personalised bottled water instead of just another brand, all this could be very different. In most cases, guests will take that bottle of water with them the morning after their stay – taking your logo, and your branding with them, too.

Just one small change to your hotel room provision, and your bottled water could be seen in meetings, at the gym or just out on the street. Your branding will be clear as day not only to your guests, but to everyone they meet, too.

Get in touch today to see how branded bottled water could help you with your hotel business!

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