Christmas Advert Countdown

Christmas Advert Countdown

Christmas is on the horizon once again, and that can mean only one thing – our annual battle of the Christmas adverts is here once again!

1. Sainsbury’s – Christmas Is For Sharing (Up One)

Heart-warming and adorable, this is not so much an advert as a short film. The smart collaboration with other brands will have guaranteed them extra publicity and marketing clout, and with Britain a self-confessed nation of animal lovers, it only goes to prove that the best Christmas adverts are those featuring animals!

2. John Lewis – The Man on The Moon (Down One)

As stylish as ever, once again the John Lewis Christmas advert will be one of the most talked about this year. As ever, it pulls at your heartstrings and tells a beautiful Christmas story. Unfortunately though, they’re a victim of their own success, and this year’s effort just isn’t quite as good as last year’s. Although the bar was high!

3. Aldi – Favourite Things (Up Six)

Aldi’s fortunes have been on the rise in recent years, and this advert is no exception. One of the few on this list to leave you feeling genuinely Christmassy, it sensibly focuses on recognisable festive fare, just at the time viewers will be starting to think about their favourite Christmas things. Clever.

4. Waitrose – What Makes Your Christmas? (Up Two)

Perfectly chosen music and, similarly to Aldi, a focus on individual Christmas favourites, this advert is a winner.

5. Lidyl – The Lidyl School of Christmas (Up Five)

A unique concept, this will certainly be one of the most memorable adverts this year. It has the potential to become irritating as the Christmas stress mounts, but, for now, it’s fun and compulsively watchable.

6. Not On The High Street – Not Like Other Gifts (New Entry)

It may not be pulling in the millions of viewers the adverts at the top of this list are, but this is a charming, well executed ad from the quirky online store.

7. Debenhams – Found It (Non mover)

The only ones to stick with last year’s concept, Debenhams have gone with a safe option here, and focused on gift giving. Strategic and slick, it won’t be one of the most memorable, but it does the job.

8. Marks and Spencer – The Art of Christmas (Non mover)

Cheerful and upbeat, this advert certainly puts a smile on your face. Unfortunately, its focus on presents and parties rather than magic left us a bit cold.

9. Boots – Discover More (Down Six)

One of the few adverts to feature recognisable products in its advert, Boots have gone for the Christmas factory idea here. It’s well produced, but very much outshone by last year’s emotive Special Because.

10. Morrisons – Handmade Right Here (Down Five)

Whilst it’s undoubtedly nice to see an advert which isn’t entirely focused on Christmas capitalism, unfortunately, this one’s just a little dull. Sorry Morrisons!

Honourable mention: Very’s The Journey – it narrowly missed out on a Top 10 spot.

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