Brands and Best-Sellers

Brands and Best-Sellers

No matter whether your brand is big or small, you’ll know that having one best-selling, hugely popular product can make a big difference to your business’ overall image.

And for Starbucks both UK, US and presumably around the rest of the world as well, that product seems to be, drumroll please, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Now admittedly Starbucks is about as giant a brand as you can get, but nevertheless, its already huge profit margins go astronomical each Autumn when the ‘PSL’, as it’s called for short, is released.

According to, more than 200 million PSLs have been sold since the drink was introduced into circulation in Autumn 2003. The drink even has its own Twitter profile, with 93.7K followers at the time of posting. The account posts games and sometimes even secret codes so that fans can claim their PSL before it’s officially available in branches of the coffee chain.

All of which serves to make what it is essentially a simple flavoured latte into an iconic brand in itself, and that’s before we even consider the impact it must have on Starbucks’ bottom line…

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