Branding and the General Election

Branding and the General Election

Unless you’ve been on a very, very long holiday on a remote island with no internet access, you’ll surely have picked up on a little upcoming event known as the General Election.

Wherever your voting allegiances lie, it’s worth considering the role played by the twin powers of branding and PR throughout all parties’ campaigns – you may even get a few ideas!

1. Eye-catching advertising. Whilst most parties and candidates try to have bright, appealing election posters, the prize here has to go to the campaigns dedicated to getting people to vote. This powerful campaign was our favourite.

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2. Publicity stunts. Again, we’ve got to hand it to the ‘go out and vote’ crusade here, in particular to the bosses of E4, who will be pushing the off button on the channel on May 7, to help encourage younger people to get out there and be counted. Whether or not it works remains t be seen, but it has certainly become a talking point.

3. Criticising the opposition. Otherwise known as negative campaigning. You name it, and we’ve seen it happen over the past few weeks. We mainly see it in the retail world with supermarket adverts comparing their prices to their biggest rival’s. Not always to be recommended, but if works for politicians, they can label their enemies as whatever they like, and it’ll stick.

4. Re-brand your leader. Whether it’s an extensive course of PR training, a new haircut, an online campaign or a different way of speaking, politicians are happy to give it a go if it will win them votes. And if they get it right, it can really work. Without it, their campaign could be dead in the water.

The power of branding knows no bounds!

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