The boutique hotel trend explained

The boutique hotel trend explained

Have you noticed anything any hotel industry trends over the past couple of years? There have been a few, but we we bet you’ve picked up on the rise and rise of the boutique hotel.

Often situated in trendy locations, boutique hotels tend to have even trendier interiors. They might be slightly off the beaten track, adding to a sense of exciting city exploration for their customers. They’re unique, offering something special that guests just can’t find anywhere else. And most of all, you’ve guessed it, they offer great service.

How, and why has this happened? Part of the answer is down to social media. As we document our lives online more and more, unique ‘instagram-worthy’ experiences have become increasingly important. And with their sense of individuality, boutique hotels fit in perfectly with this. Social media also creates a ‘tip-off’ culture. People enjoy recommending places and experiences to their legions of followers. It makes them look knowledgeable, and it’s another way of telling everybody about their great experience. And what are they recommending? That’s right – the boutique hotel.

Another big player in this rise of independent boutique hotels is This online hotel giant is the number one hotel reservation site in the world. It allows customers to search for the best available rooms, and at the best price. This allows potential customers to easily find exactly what they’re looking for, without having to rely on the big chains. This can be hugely helpful to independent hotels, large or small! They also collect guest data. This allows hotel owners to develop their digital strategy.

There are a few things to be aware of, but it’s definitely worth embracing the website if you’re an independent boutique hotel! Do let us know how you get on!

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