Botted Water for… Holiday Cottages?

Botted Water for… Holiday Cottages?

We often discuss our provision of own label, bespoke bottled water to help hotels with their branding and promotion. We even have our own hashtag for exactly that in our #waterforhotels. But today, we want to look at a lesser talked-about part of the UK’s travel and lesiure trade – holiday cottages.

The Guardian recently published a list of the best holiday cottages in the UK, and with Summer in the air, what better time to think about these Great British staycation favourites?

The Guardian’s list showcases some truly beautiful holiday homes, from a railway cabin in the Brecon Beacons, to stunning beachside retreats in Cornwall. But with these homely guesthouses frequently up against the local big budget hotel, owners really need to get their promotion right.

As a luxurious home from home for their guests, there’s one thing they’ve definitely got in their favour. And that thing is a household kitchen appliance. Go on, we’ll tell you. It’s a fridge! And why is the fridge the answer to all, we hear you ask? The answer is simple. It’s the perfect place to store bottled water.

Whether a hotel is large or small, bottled water frequently tops surveys as a big-hitter in the customer satisfaction stakes. But providing it can help make your business happy, too. We provide own label, bespoke bottled water for our customers, with a unique label, specially desgined for your business. Not only do these look great, but they serve a fantastic purpose, too.

And this is where the Guardian’s list comes in. Almost all of the holiday cottages on there are located near to areas of interest, be that a hillside walk, a beach or a historical site. This means that guests are likely to want to visit these places. And during the Summer months, what will they take with them when they go out for the day?

That’s right, their bottled water – with the holiday cottage’s name on.

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