Bespoke beauty and brand loyalty

Bespoke beauty and brand loyalty

Research has shown that, where the beauty industry is concerned, around 50% of customers will stick with their facial care brand of choice for years.

With many other industries worried that brand loyalty is on the decline, how do they do it?

Boots No7 brand may have the answer in their new ‘Match Made’ service. Put simply, they’ve created a gadget that expertly matches skin tone to a set range of colours. This colour is then used as a base, from which they can choose the perfect lipstick shades for their customer from, you guessed it, the No7 range.

This is a clever idea for their brand because, not only is there a cool gadget involved, and not only is it likely to send their lipstick sales into the stratosphere if the current queues to try it are anything to go by, but it also inspires customer confidence in the No7 range, and gives them their own relationship with the product which is (near enough) individual to them.

And with 77% of people unconvinced about having a relationship with a brand (Harvard Business Review), it’s clear that bespoke appearances are the way forward.

See you at the lipstick counter.

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