Battle of the Christmas Ads

Battle of the Christmas Ads

You can’t watch more than 10 minutes of television on a channel with ad breaks at this time of the year without seeing at least one Christmas advert, and this year there seems to be more variety than ever.

So, once again we decided to review them. With no more further ado, here are our Top 10 Christmas Ads of 2014 – in ascending order.

Number 10 – Lidyl “The Little Present”

Not bad in theory, and is on message with the main brand ideas. The actual advert is sadly a bit boring as you can see what’s coming a mile off.

Number 9- Aldi “Everyone’s Coming to us this Christmas”

A good idea, it just doesn’t really go anywhere or end particularly well (Sorry Jules).

Number 8 – Marks and Spencer “Follow the Fairies”

Looks pretty, but is all a bit muddled in the execution.

Number 7 – Debenhams “Found It”

The bit right at the end is quite sweet, not sure how we feel about the rest of it if we’re totally honest… Looks great though.

Number 6 – Waitrose “The Gingerbread Stall”

Lovely concept, and a beautiful ad. It’s just a shame the messaging at the end is more about Waitrose itself than Christmas.

Number 5 – Morrisons

Nicely done, and cheerily simple, although the timeline of the narrative seems a little confused. Is it Christmas Eve or early December?

Number 4 – Tesco “Lights On”

Simple, effective and cheerful. Exactly what a Christmas ad should be.

Number 3 – Boots “Special Because”

Heart-warming, and exactly right for its target market – a strong contender.

Number 2 – Sainsbury’s “Christmas is for Sharing”

Really fantastic, great production values and very timely. But will it still feel Christmassy by Christmas?

Number 1 – John Lewis “Monty The Penguin”

Has it all really. Ultimately a cute story about companionship, with a twist. And there are presents too, but then again as selling stuff is rather the point of an advert, it completely works. They’ve done it again.

Any ads for the New Year, anyone?

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