All the comforts of… a Hotel?

All the comforts of… a Hotel?

Here at AQ Bottled Water, as a supplier of water for hotels, we know that one of the key comforts of a hotel stay can be the bottled water left in the rooms – it’s the little touches which make the difference!

It seems that even seasoned explorers recognise the home from home comfort that a hotel can provide, with Levison Wood, an adventurer who has trekked the length of both the Nile and the Himalayas, admitting as much in this week’s Evening Standard.

Talking of the differences between the public’s perception of explorers and the reality, he said:

“In the Himalayas there are hotels and guesthouses. If there’s a guesthouse then you stay in it, that’s my rule. No point camping in the garden is there?”

He makes a good point! And with hotels springing up in more and more remote locations, as customers, we’re never far from a hotel. So how do businesses fend off the competition?

Why not consider swapping out the branded water in your rooms for an own label, bespoke designed bottle from AQ Bottled Water?

Like we said, it’s the little things which make all the difference.

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