A re-brand can make all the difference…

A re-brand can make all the difference…

As suppliers of own label, branded bottled water, we know that branding is important.

Ryanair, a brand which by its own admission has been unpopular in the past, recently made business news headlines with its impressive 66% rise in sales figures.

And seemingly, it’s all been down to a good old fashioned re-brand. Relaxing some of their rules and improving the customer experience through their aptly named ‘Always Getting Better’ Programme, the budget airline has attracted millions of new customers.

The Guardian go into more detail here. It’s an interesting read and well worth a look.

So what does this Ryanair re-brand tell us? That branding, and your customers’ reception of it, is paramount. All the more reason to put in a well-timed order for some personalised, branded water!

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