A Game of Thrones… and bottles

A Game of Thrones… and bottles

This week saw the penultimate episode of this series of Game of Thrones, the infamous ‘Episode 9’. Did you know that we, working with The-Recipe, provived the bottled water for the Game of Thrones series launch party?

To celebrate, here’s a great look back on the series so far from Charlie, a big fan of the show. We look forward to more instalments from him in the future!

Eight weeks in and Game of thrones is nearing its climactic 9th episode, so let’s take a look at the season so far. Firstly this season has been a little different to previous ones with the story covering three of George R.R Martins Books: A Feast for crows and A Dance with Dragons parts 1&2. As many characters both beloved and hated; have been killed off and the war of five kings beginning to slow, the plot of game of thrones has change to one of tantalising intrigue and devious plots as the Starks are scattered, Baratheons bested and the Lannisters linger on top. So let’s dive right into it:I’ve loved the Arya scenes this season and I’ve got to say I prefer her interactions with Jaqen and the faceless men to her interactions with the Hound, but I know many people who disagree; so let me know what you prefer.The reason I’ve loved these scenes is because the faceless men have been shrouded in mystery since season two and I think how they kill and change their faces has been one of the shows big questions. Arya’s scenes have done well to shed some light on the faceless men and I look forward to seeing her complete her training in the seasons to come.

The events in king’s landing I’m of a split mind; whilst I think the scenes were executed well and the actors brilliantly portrayed there characters; you can’t help but dislike Tommen, I mean come on he’s such a push over, and don’t even get me started on the Sparrows, I just dislike the characters and get frustrated at their actions. I do have to admit however it was satisfying to see Cersei get her just deserts.

As for the Dorne scenes well it’s hard to have an opinion on them because there were what; like four, five scenes maybe. It’s a shame because as a book reader the Dorne scenes were some of my favourite and I especially loved Doran who so far has been in it twice. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find the Sand Snakes kind of irritating. They just seem to be complaining about the Lannister’s for most of their scenes. Having said that I love Bronn as a character and I enjoyed his paring with Jaime this season, their scenes have been pretty good with some whitty dialogue and a great fight scene between them and a Dornish patrol. I think if given more time the Dorne scenes have a lot of potential to be great but for now, meh.

The scenes in Slavers Bay have been good on the most part. Daenerys has had to deal with revolt this season and whilst the dragons have pretty much left Daenerys and she has made some questionable decisions our frustration has been countered with some great scenes. The fight between Ser Barristan and the masters was brilliant and his death left a tear in my eye. We FINALLY got to see Tyrion and Dany meet in episodes seven and eight and as we thought it was amazing Tyrion’s wit and Daenerys’s badassery mixed brilliantly to for some great dialogue. As a person who just wants to see Daenerys go to Westeros already I do get annoyed with the scenes where she is ruling Meereen (badly)but I think the show has more than made up for it with some brilliant scenes.

Tyrion’s scenes have also been great, as usual, first we had him paired with one of my favourite characters Varys and I always find their interactions great. Next Tyrion was captured by Jorah Mormont and I loved there conversations this season I loved the clash between Tyrion sass and Jonah’s Stoicism. We also got to see more of the Game of thrones universe as Tyrion visited Volantis and even Valyria itself. I was very disappointed by Valyria though as in the books it’s made out to be some magical death land forgone by all but in the show its was a couple of buildings with some jungle around them and men infected with greyscale.

Of course the pièce de résistance of Game of Thrones this year has to be the night’s watch storyline and whilst Jon becoming Lord Commander, Mance Rayder’s execution and Maester Aemon death were all very strong scenes the best part of this storyline and the season so far has to be the Battle at Hardhome. The battle was nothing short of epic; complete with wild walkers, magic sword, giants and ice zombies! I don’t know about you but my heart was racing throughout; the fight scenes were amazing and we finally got to see some more of the white walkers and the mysterious Night’s King. The night’s watch storyline has been really consistant this season and hasn’t failed to deliver.

I hope you enjoyed my season five review I’m looking forward to the series finale and let me know your thoughts on the season so far.

By Charlie Brookes

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