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I would like a quote, what information do you need?

Head over to our contact page where we have listed out all the information we need from you to get you a quick quote.

Where does the water come from?

We have more than one location for our range of water, the majority is produced in Hereford, England. Sales & Design is carried out at our Head Office.

How long does it take to produce my bottled water order?

Best to allow 2 weeks for the process – 1 week for labels and 1 week for bottling & delivery however please check as it does depend on the sunshine!

Can water be produced in less than 2 weeks?

Generally speaking NO! But it’s always worth checking to see. If you want water on a regular basis, it makes sense to order more labels than you need for future use, this reduces the unit cost of the label and means the labels are ready to be put on bottles.

What’s the shelf life of the water?

Still PET is 24 months and Sparkling PET is 12 months. All glass bottles from AQ are 18 months.

Do you do flavoured water?

AQ don’t currently provide flavoured water however keep checking back as this is something we are looking into!

What size is a pallet?

Quite Big! 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres and 2 metres high! This may differ slightly depending on the product so please check with the team.

How heavy are the cases?

A case of 24 x 500ml bottles weigh 12.7kg and 330ml weighs 8.75kg per case.

Is the design really free?

Yes, based on you supplying a hi res mac format logo (vector eps file) we will set up a basic design in keeping with your brand/website. All we ask is for a little guidance from yourself to what you would like to be displayed on your label, as the options are limitless!

Top Tip: If you’ve a PDF proof from a designer/printer which has your logo on. If the logo stays crisp and doesn’t pixelate when you zoom into it, that should be ok for us to use.

Can you design a brand for me?

Yes. We’ve an in-house design team for your needs, work of this nature will be chargeable at £75 per hour. We’re happy to work within a given budget ie £150 will give you 2 hours of studio time.

How is the water delivered?

Small orders are delivered through a pallet distribution network. The water is collected from the bottling plant, sent on an articulated lorry to a central hub and then delivered from the hub to the delivery depot who then delivers it to your address. Standard deliveries are on a 2-3 day service. Delivery drivers are paid to deliver to the outside of the address given; they’re not insured to breakdown the pallet(s) and deliver case by case. This means you’ll need to consider how you’ll get the water from the “kerbside” to where you want it to be stored.

When is the water delivered?

Water is delivered anytime from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

I can’t accept pallets at the delivery address, what happens then?

If your address isn’t suitable to receive pallets we’ll be happy to work out a price to breakdown the delivery and deliver by hand case by case. This is an extra cost and is to cover any additional labour and time required.

Can you deliver abroad?

We do have the facility to ship abroad however we request you contact us for a quote as we will need to contact the distribution company to obtain this.

When do I pay?

If this is your first order with AQ then Payment is on a proforma basis, ie you need to fully pay for the water before it is sent out. If you wish to become a continued customer of AQ we can discuss payment terms.

How do I pay?

AQ accepts payment via BACS or Cheque, we don’t currently have the option for credit card payments.

I work for a charity can I have my water for free?

Sorry we can’t! But our prices are great and our design work is FREE.

Top Tip: See if you can get a corporate body to co-fund your water in return for having their logo on the label.

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