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Bottled Water for Hotels

From famous London landmarks like The Savoy, to well-known favourites like Premier Inn, via classy boutique hotels like Mr and Mrs Smith, the UK hotel industry is booming with competition. The good news is, here at AQ Bottled Water we can offer the perfect own label bottled water for your hotel. Many hotels provide a whole host of branded items for their guests, from shower-caps to shampoo. We think that own label bottled water for your hotel bedrooms is the next logical step, and it could have huge benefits for your business.

Especially as, unlike the standard dressing gowns and slippers, guests take their water bottles with them when they check out – carrying your hotel brand in their hand or handbag for the rest of the day, maybe even for the rest of the weekend.

We can provide a high-quality, bespoke design which perfectly reflects your hotel, and your guests.

Take our clients at Dorchester Collection. We’ve been providing Dorchester Hotel and their sister hotel, Coworth Park, with their own label, branded bottled water for a number of years now, complementing their branding with this stylish design.

Get in touch with our friendly sales team today for more information and options. We look forward to working with you.


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