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A rogue tweet and a social media storm

A rogue tweet and a social media storm

Whatever our business provides, be it dog supplies, stickers, or water bottles there are certain things we have to prepare for – no matter how likely to happen they may or may not be!

This week, the BBC found themselves at the centre of a social media storm during a rehearsal for how they would conduct themselves in the event of the Queen’s death, as a supposed ‘rogue tweet’ from a confused journalist not involved in the practise run was seen and reported as fact around the world.

It has emerged that rehearsals for such major events are commonplace amongst broadcasters, with …

A re-brand can make all the difference…

A re-brand can make all the difference…

As suppliers of own label, branded bottled water, we know that branding is important.

Ryanair, a brand which by its own admission has been unpopular in the past, recently made business news headlines with its impressive 66% rise in sales figures.

And seemingly, it’s all been down to a good old fashioned re-brand. Relaxing some of their rules and improving the customer experience through their aptly named ‘Always Getting Better’ Programme, the budget airline has attracted millions of new customers.

The Guardian go into more detail here. It’s an interesting read and well worth a look.

So what does this Ryanair re-brand tell …

Branding and the General Election

Unless you’ve been on a very, very long holiday on a remote island with no internet access, you’ll surely have picked up on a little upcoming event known as the General Election.

Wherever your voting allegiances lie, it’s worth considering the role played by the twin powers of branding and PR throughout all parties’ campaigns – you may even get a few ideas!

1. Eye-catching advertising. Whilst most parties and candidates try to have bright, appealing election posters, the prize here has to go to the campaigns dedicated to getting people to vote. This powerful campaign was our favourite.

2. Publicity stunts. …

April Fool’s Day belongs to brands

April Fool’s Day belongs to brands

Anyone engaging in even the most cursory of glances over social media, and in the papers today must have noticed something interesting.

There has been an April Fool’s Day takeover. Gone are the days of silly pranks and organic content from users’ jokes. No – April Fool’s Day now belongs almost exclusively to brands. Consumers log on to their emails or flick through the daily free papers looking, not so much for the obviously untrue stories, but for the unique and creative ideas the big brands have employed this year.

Have a look through these round-ups from the Huffington Post and …

Your brand is different to everyone…

Your brand is different to everyone…

We’ve noticed a real trend lately in advertising, towards individual experiences of brands.

We all remember the classic ‘How do you eat yours?’ campaign for Cadbury Creme Egg, but these days it seems Oreo have got in on the act too, with this 2015 advert.

And they’re not the only ones.

How do your customers see your brand? What is their relationship with it? There are lots of ways to find out. Reach out on social media, put together a survey, or even a focus group, and find out what they enjoy about your product, and how it fits into their …

Team AQ does…Trade Shows

Team AQ does…Trade Shows

With a fair few trade shows in the calendar over the next couple of months, we thought we’d remind you how to make the most of them for your brand – hand out your own label branded water bottles to attendees of course!

Everyone likes a free bottle of water, especially when they’re busy walking around an exhibition hall.

That could be your bottle of water, with your brand on it! Think of how many people that bottle will pass when in the hands of a potential customer. Not to mention if that potential customer re-uses that bottle again and again, at …

#Buzz Days – Making the the most of Social Media trends

#Buzz Days – Making the the most of Social Media trends

This week, we’ve been thinking about the rise and rise of ‘buzz’ days on social media, from #BlackFriday to, most recently, #BlueMonday.

What’s the best way of making sure your brand joins these conversations effectively?

It seems to us that it’s all about ideas. Here’s a great article on some of the ways different brands attempted to cheer us all up on #BlueMonday this week.

Which is your favourite?

Did you brand tweet anything to engage your audiences with #BlueMonday?

If not, put it in the diary for next year!

New Year’s Resolutions – AQ Style

New Year’s Resolutions – AQ Style

We’ve read lots of articles this week on how to beat the post-Christmas blues and get your 2015 off to a great start. So many, in fact, that we’ve decided that there’s nothing for it but to write our own!

Here are our top tips for starting your year as you mean to go on.

1. If you’re making resolutions, make sure you write them down.
There’s not much point spending the first week of January coming up with carefully constructed New Year’s Resolutions, and then forgetting about them by the 1 February because you didn’t write them down. Get some nice notepaper, …

Corporate Christmas Cards: A How To

Corporate Christmas Cards: A How To

Earlier this week we joined the furore of people on Twitter who were amused by the image on Tony and Cherie Blair’s personal Christmas cards this year.

We thought that this was nothing if not a golden opportunity to take a look at corporate Christmas card messages, namely what to do and what not to do.

Here are our AQ Corporate Christmas Card Essential Rules:

1. Make sure it’s not offensive or distasteful. This may sound obvious, but sometimes things can be offensive to others which aren’t necessarily immediately apparent. Trust us; you’d be surprised at how often this comes up.

2. Don’t let it …

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