Making Good Use of Promotional Conference Products

Making Good Use of Promotional Conference Products

Promotional products are one of the oldest forms of marketing. Businesses spend billions of dollars giving away free items to their customers, and with excellent results. Selecting the correct promotional item, however, is the key to getting a positive ROI.

If you want to ‘WOW’ your customers, and get them to take notice of your business, compare your promotional gear to the following guidelines.

Customisable is Better

If you have the option, private label water bottles provide a wonderful way to customise your promotional gear towards your customers. Whether you’re opting for conference bottled water or another item, select ones that are easily customised for your business. If you can add your business name and slogan, all the better.

The goal should be to get your item in your customer’s hand and give them a reason to come back to your business.

Make it About Them

Customers like to see their name on products. If possible, find a way to target your customers with marketing for their niche. For example, if you own a car dealership, car showroom bottled water can be customised to include exciting information or special offers.

Make it more about your customers than you, and you’ll reap high rewards.

Ask if It’s Useful

Before you select ANY promotional item, ask yourself what use it serves, if any. Businesses receive loads of junk products from companies, don’t add to their pile with another item they can’t use.

Do your research and find promotional products that provide a benefit and can be used beyond just your event. Re-useable totes are incredibly popular, as are lanyards, mugs and pens. However, label bottled water provides a realistic option that offers an immediate benefit.

If you can customise your promotional item, can easily make it more about your customer than your business, and if it provides an immediate benefit, the results will be happier customers. If you’re interested in bottled water for exhibitions or conferences, contact us. We’ll guide you to the best item for your needs.

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