Labeled Bottled Water is the New Trend for Luxury Hotels

Labeled Bottled Water is the New Trend for Luxury Hotels

Companies need concrete ways to attract customers and leave an impression in their minds. For the Luxury Hotel industry, standing out from the crowd is the single most important factor for branding.

Luxury is what these hotels are selling, right down to the tiniest detail. To keep that experience alive, hotels are taking a closer look at custom water bottle labels and the potential they offer.

While many hotel chains offer brand named water bottles in their lobbies and suites, the new trend is to customise your water bottles to your hotel brand.

Benefits of Custom Water Bottle Labels

Custom labelling water bottles is a growing trend because of the possibilities it presents to brands. Getting your advertising and branding in the hands of your clients is easier when you’re offering something they can use. Here are a few additional ways that this trend can improve your business.

It’s Your Decision

The word ‘custom’ isn’t just a word. You can literally select the label, logo and verbiage that goes on your bottled water. When you order custom water bottles from hotel water suppliers, you get to choose the design and even type of water that goes into the bottle.

As a luxury hotel, you want to give your guests a unique experience. If your water bottle is 100% customized, your guests will take note and no doubt be appreciative.

Buy in Bulk

Instead of spending countless dollars on individual orders of custom labeled bottled water, you can buy bulk bottled water at a discount. This allows you to provide a customised experience without the expense. Saving on overhead is a concern for all businesses, so buying in bulk gives you a chance to explore your options without committing to set contract.

Clear & Concise Marketing

A custom water bottle label allows you to say what it is you want to say. There is no mistaking where the bottle came from or what you want people to take away from it. For example, as a luxury hotel you might want to add your slogan which tells people what you do best. You may also want to tell people why they should use your water bottles—made from recycled materials, etc.


Don’t feel limited by these ideas. Explore your options, and see how customised water bottles can work for you, and then find the best hotel water suppliers to buy bulk bottled water from. You’ll find this is more than just a trend, it’s a marketing plan that works.

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